"Chiropractic" - what a funny old word.  Who really understands it?

Even though we chiropractors have been around for more than 100 years, it seems we haven't done a great job of telling people what it is we do.

So what does it mean?

                  C h i r o     is Greek for hand

              P r a k t i k o s    is Greek for practical

Put it all together it means  "done by hand".

Nothing wrong with "doing by hand"  Just as there is nothing wrong with riding a horse for transport.  But in the modern world we use a car which can have 150 horses under the bonnet making it faster and more efficient.  So in my office we use modern tools.

You can read about the modern tools of the trade in 'Our Services".

Regardless of the method used, the intention is exactly the same.  Now it's time for another unusual word.   "Subluxation". 

Subluxation is not a word we hear often but many doctors believe it to be a significant threat to health.

Please let me explain what a subluxation is:

                                  sub  =   Less than optimum

                                     lux   =  Light or energy

                                    ation =  Nation or body

Put it all together and we have "Less than optimum energy flow in the body". That sounds important, right?  It is.

The energy transport system in the body is the Nervous System which is actually the Control System of all the other systems.

Thank you for reading this far down.  I hope you continue on because I'm about to get to the point!

Suppose you came home late one night and none of the lights would go on.  NOT ONE!

Are you really going to pull out each light bulb and examine it?  Probably not, the chances are you will go straight to the fuse box, where you may find a short circuit, a 'blown fuse'.

You can easily fix the short circuit and the power will be restored and the lights will go on.

That's EXACTLY how chiropractic works.

Stress comes along, be it physical, emotional or chemical.  If it overwhelms us, we "short circuit".  What this means is we no longer have a happy, balanced nervous system, we are 'locked' into an out of balance state.

It's my job as your chiropractor to find out if your control system (nervous system) is working well or not.

If it is working, not a problem.

If your Nervous System is not working properly,  that IS a problem, because you can't expect your body to function properly if the control system is not working well.

My job is to measure your nervous system accurately.  We have the technology to do just that.

If your nervous system is not working well, we can design a programme of chiropractic care to correct it.  Re-testing and monitoring every step of the way.

For more about the advanced technology we use go to 'Our Services'.

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If you are wondering why you are not functioning or feeling well, neurologically based chiropractic is an excellent place to start looking for the answer.